Moms tell about the first signs of autism

Moms tell about the first signs of autism

Although the first signs of autism appear, in most cases, even before the completion of 3 anisors, some children can be noticed even at the age of infants, before 1 year. However, many parents fail to identify or recognize them in time. Here are the emotional confessions of some moms and the way they discovered the first signs of autism in their loved ones!

The diagnosis of autism in the child is overwhelming for the parents. Most of them enter the denial phase and refuse to believe for a moment that the symptoms they notice in their child could be signs of autism. However, there are even more courageous and capable parents who have faced the fear of being faced with such a diagnosis and have noticed the first signs of the disorder before autism is confirmed by doctors. In this way, they managed to subject the child early to proper treatment and help him have a better and happier life.

Stagnation in development, in speech and the tendency of social isolation

The mother of a 3-year-old child confesses that the first time she suspected that her baby could suffer from autism was when he was 18 months old. The child made no progress in development, spoke and failed to acquire new age-specific skills. She watched with concern as her little boy refused to interact with others of his age, was silent and always preferred to play alone.

Delays in speech development also caused the mother of another boy to realize that her 3-year-old was suffering from autism. The poor communication she had acquired up to this age, both in language and speech, as well as in the emotional sphere or the ability to express her experiences, led her to go with the little one to more investigations, with which she found out. who suffers from this pervasive developmental disorder.

Gossip and laughter inopportune and uncontrollable

The mother of a 4-year-old girl recalls that when she first suspected a neurological problem in the child, she was 4 months old when she was just a baby. At just a few months of her life, her daughter had a few fits of uncontrollable laughter, bursting out of the blue, for no reason, at which point she asked the pediatrician to do a neurological check.

After many medical investigations and behavioral analyzes, the diagnosis of autism was confirmed by doctors at the age of 10 months.

Unreceptivity and deficiencies in emotional development

The mother of a 7-year-old boy tells, with emotion, how she discovered the first signs of autism in her child, at the age of 1 and a half. The rumors began to appear after the child's behavior and attitude changed startlingly after the age of 1 anisor.

The mother tells that her baby had been a "sticky" baby, affectionate, always smiling, but after the age of 1 and a half his behavior had changed radically, becoming unreceptive. He had even come to no longer answer or react to hearing his own name. She could not speak or do other activities specific to the age, when, in her soul, she knew that it was a disorder in the autism spectrum.

The same problem was met by the mother of a 6-year-old girl, who reports that she suspected autism when the child had 2 anisors, because she had become unresponsive and no longer reacted to any emotional or other stimulants. She was absent from all family activities and prefers to play alone, isolated from others.

Sudden silence and avoiding eye contact

The mother of a girl of 8 anisors tells how important was the moment when the child, at the age of 2 and anisors, went from being talkative and smiling, to being isolated, silent and unaffected. The woman says that the deep silence in which the little girl suddenly fell, the lack of reaction to emotional stimuli or the avoidance of visual contact helped her to realize that her daughter suffers from autism, this awful disorder that every parent fears.

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